What exactly is O3 (Online Ordering Optimizer)?

We created O3 after witnessing the exorbitant fees charged by third party delivery services to accept orders through the platform and other companies offering online menu solutions.  

The goal of O3 is to: 

  • Convert third party orders you currently receive to your online ordering website,  saving 40% or more! 

We designed O3 to encourage customers to place orders online. We have seen conversion rates from delivery to pick up of 25% or more when restaurants fully utilize o3 through marketing, coupons, discounts and more.  

  • Create a cost-effective online ordering platform for restaurants 

We found online menus provided by other companies to be expensive and complex. By creating our own online menu solution for restaurants, we have simplified pricing and made this a tool to help you significantly grow your business.  

The chart below compares Indigo’s simplified, cost-effective pricing with pricing structures used by competitors: 

  • Provide an option to start your own in-house delivery team 

We integrated an In-house delivery management software so restaurants with existing in-house delivery teams can use the system to improve their operations. For restaurants without an in-house delivery team, the solution can help launch your own delivery service while continuing to use your existing vendors (ie. UberEats, Postmates, ChowNow, etc.) 

 O3 is a cost-effective tool to increase a restaurant’s sales and margin.