Restaurant Solutions for Pickup and Delivery 

Satisfy your Customers     Boost Your Margins      Keep Employees Working

We know things can change in an instant, including the way business gets done.  Our new Pickup and Delivery Solutions address today’s rapidly changing environment while boosting your margin.   

Easy to use and quick to implement, these solutions pay for themselves with just a few orders per month!  For more than a decade, Indigo has helped thousands of restaurants with our targeted, cost-effective solutions.  These solutions are our way of giving back to a community that has been a core part of our business since inception.

Here’s how it works:


  • Clover POS – $30 per month
  • All Other Restaurants – $10 per month and $0.10 per transaction

(Current Payment Processing Fees Apply)           


  • We Build and Host Your Menu for FREE (No hidden fees; no activation charges)
  • Easy to implement;
    • Clover POS – manage and print orders on your Clover devices
    • All Others – use your computer, iPad or phone
  • Link customers to online ordering directly from your website 
  • Increase Customer Adoption – Offer incentive to clients for ordering direct from your site ($$ off; best prices by ordering direct, free drink, etc.  Include a flyer with this info in all orders.)

DELIVERY: (Optional feature at no additional cost.  Setup in minutes and use in addition to your third-party delivery services if you choose). 

  • Set your delivery hours and area
  • Put employees back to work making deliveries and Save Up to 40% over Postmates, Grubhub Uber Eats and more
  • Seamlessly integrate with web-based tools to assign orders to your drivers, who utilize a phone app to map deliveries, contact customers and track progress
  • Set delivery fees based on delivery area or waive fees based on purchase total
  • Route Orders to Delivery Service of Choice when your delivery criteria is not met

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