Goal: Provide a Customer-Friendly Tool to Place Catering Orders

Thinking about Catering

Catering orders tend to be more complex than the average order since more items are ordered, pickup/delivery times are very specific and there are often special instructions. 

Taking catering orders via phone takes longer and requires more communication between the customer and restaurant. This also opens the opportunity for errors.    

If your restaurant has a catering menu, we will create a custom catering page for you. The catering page has all the benefits of an online menu and there is no additional charge for this service. 

For example, we’ll make sure customers can only place orders in advance. If your restaurant does not generally deliver but will for catering orders, we’ll setup O3 so that catering orders are accepted as in-house delivery. If you partner with a third party catering provider, we’ll ensure O3 redirects to the catering provider.   

Creating a catering page has been very successful for many of the restaurant’s using O3.