Goal: Include a Small Flyer on Third Party Delivery Orders to Encourage Customers to Place Pickup Orders

Include a small flyer on third party delivery orders encouraging pickup orders 

Customers accustomed to placing delivery orders through third party delivery applications will naturally continue to open the application when thinking about placing an order at your restaurant. To break that habit, customers need an incentive to look for your restaurant outside of the third party application.  

Create a small flyer with a message encouraging customers to place pickup orders online. Include a discount code specifically designed to be used with this version of the flyer so customers can receive a discount on their first pickup order. You can track the number of times the code is used; ensure the code is only included on third party delivery orders and gauge the effectiveness of the marketing campaign this way.  

For example, a message can be: 

“Place pickup orders online at www.website.com for best prices. Use the code “IndigoO3″ to receive a 5% discount on your pickup order” 

The code does not have to be restricted to discounts. You can create a code to add a free drink, free dessert, etc.