Wing City

We’ve wanted to add online ordering for a while now but lacked the time and expertise to do so. Before selecting Indigo, we looked at many companies providing this service.  Without a doubt, Indigo offers the best solution.   

We’ve realized some unexpected benefits too.  Since customers come to our website to place both pickup and delivery orders, we get to decide what orders to deliver and when to route to a third-party service.  The flexibility is great.   

Through the Online Ordering Optimizer, we encourage customers to order directly from our website, which nets us the highest margin. For delivery orders, we direct customers to the third-party partner of our choice.  Eventually, we will use the tool for self-delivery to save even more money, and route orders we don’t want to deliver to third party services.

The effective use of Indigo’s Optimizer has improved customer and employee satisfaction and our overall margin. 

We are very happy we selected Indigo and can confidently recommend this solution to all restaurants. 

Youngjin Cho & Wing City Team

Marietta, Georgia